About the Author

David Griswold has been writing poetry since elementary school and graduated from Yale in 2007 where he earned a BA in English and the Frederick M. Clapp fellowship for his original poetry. In 2009, he leapt from a cozy job at Google to pursue creative projects and undertakings of service and soul. He is the author of six seasonal editions of Farmers' Market Sonnets, featuring original sonnets written on demand for passers by at farmers' markets in Berkeley and Oakland, and Mother, What is the Moon?, a whimsical children's book for all who wonder at night. He currently resides in the Bay Area where he is likely to be found teaching, writing, or playing the guitar.


About the Illustrator

Eliza Reisfeld is an illustrator and designer who loves visual story telling and character design. Her playful work is inspired by her passion for animals, nature, and the human connection.  She captures charming personalities with a wide variety of mediums including paint, ink, clay, and digital media. After graduating from RISD with a BFA in Illustration, Eliza now resides in San Francisco, where she designs and illustrates books, toys, and concept art for animation. 

You can learn more about her art at http://www.elizareisfeldart.com/